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My YELP Review Of The Aspen Institute


Todays YELP review is of the Aspen Institute. It’s not a place that need reviewed, it is a THINK TANK kind of place. So here is my take on what a person who would use yelp might post.

“I arrived is Aspen to be a part of the Aspen Ideas Fest. I enjoyed it very much…but what was most impressive was the remarkable job the celebrity impersonators did. They had people walking all over the campus that looked exactly like Madelyn Albright, that guy from Virgin Records and countless others…Amazing

The number two thing that I enjoyed, was the free Pepsi! There is nothing wrong with that!

The only complaint I have and it’s minor one is, I wish the AI (Aspen Institute to the “locals”) had more upbeat music at night and provide a dance floor. That might be a great way to get the kids interested, only an “Aspen Idea”, Ha.

Looking forward to my next visit to Aspen.

P.S. It would also be nice if you could shave the mountains down a bit, It would make flying into your airport easier and extend the daylight hours.”

Love JustGlenn

It’s Absurd And Call it Yelp

If you have followed for some time, I really do not hold the people you are self proclaimed experts and insist on voicing their opinions and informed views on YELP*.

My point of view was to boycott or ridicule to the point of exhaustion, my efforts were met with no avail. So I decided to join them, in my kind of way. Here is my first of many reviews to come, let me know what you think and lets start a movement of irrevalent reviews.

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Love, Just Glenn


I have never had a good opinion of YELP but I thought instead of fighting them I would join them. So here is my first yelp review of the Aspen Art Museum. 

I found it consistent to other review I have found.
Trust me, there will be more, enjoy

“I pride myself on being one of the gifted few that can understand what an artist is trying to convey as well as the abstract message that an artists dream. I innately have the vision to spot “good” art from bad, and true visionaries from frauds and charlatans.

This brings me to my assessment of the AAM, The current show in main gallery space is the works of Rob Pruitt . It is fun and whimsical, like the joy I felt when I tasted my first mint chocolate chip ice-cream cone when I was a child at prep school, at that very moment, I actually felt my sense of entitlement disappear.

That is until I went into the restrooms.

Not that an Art museum should care about such a base architectural detail, but I found the facilities almost unbearable. I felt like I was in a first year architectural student class project whom had a poor understanding of the works of Donald Judd.

I felt more comfortable and welcome at a gas station rest-stop on the way the Marfa, I am sure that you understand.

Other than that, I will always continue to support the AAM and the wonderful job that hey do. I can only hope… with the new gallery being built in Aspen by Renowned Architect Shigeru Ban, that he understands good salle de bain design and
it can expand the reach to the common people. lets hope it can also set a new standard of the “water closet experience” for those of us that are “in the know”.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day just to support and indulge my mildly warped perspective, please subscribe and I love ya all.


Never Yell For Yelp If you don’t Need It!


Hello everyone.

I was recently asked to repost this blog from a few different people that really liked it (thank you people). Please enjoy and feel free to comment and share like a Peep on easter morning.


Charity Is Good, Yelp Not So Much


Food shows and the current food-centric programing all over the TV has become a mess. People racing to make a dish that four judges will like seems, a bit limiting. Who, made these people the benchmark of taste? I know what your thinking, “Here he goes again with a Rush Limbaugh like rant about culinary equality or some like that…”

Well guess what? That’s not going to happen. No rant, no bitting comments, no criticism, I will save that for the wanna be experts that write YELP comments to take care of that. I really do love the videos that restaurant owners and the great take from “Gotta kid to feed” Real actors reading the Yelp comments, this series is awesome.

To you pro-yelpper’s out there, Be sure you will to be able to back up your words if you can’t resist the urge to critique, and always realize that your ‘opinion‘ can affect a good persons livelihood. Before you bust out your phone to input your thoughts, imagine someone at your office complains to your customers and boss that you didn’t live up to their expectations because they didn’t really like the color blue you were wearing. It’s the same thing in my eyes.

What I did want to share with you is a video I made of a benefit dinner I was asked to film at the now defunct Restaurant Six89 in Carbondale.

What I love about these events are the genuine brother and sisterhood that is taking place among the chefs and service staff. Fluid. Waiting in the dining room are guest excited about each and every coarse, knowing that we as chefs, are doing this because we want to help a cause. In my recollection, I have never seen a Yelp review dissing a charity event, but I an sure someone has and that some is a douche-bag. Sorry, my better judgement and my opinions seem to battle sometimes and I don’t alway know which one will win. In this case, opinion..+1.

Please enjoy this short video of what a well oiled machine looks like:

If you are in the Grand Junction area and you want to see a fun demo, eat an amazing Pulled Pork Taco with pineapple mole, Come join me at The Wine Country for the Edesia Palisade event. Fun times and a great cause.

Glenn @justglenn on twitter