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A Taste Of The Specials


I am back from Austin, my first go at the South By Southwest thang. My god..I am beat, exhausted, tired and a bit ripe!

As a Colorado native I am suppose to not like Texas or Texans, guess what, you guys are A-OK.  This town did not disappoint. It is an overload of great and not so great music and all flavors of beer and people. I will have to say that outside of the diamond district in NY, I have never seen so many beards. I had the good fortune of have a skill and in the know guide at my side, how lucky am I? and I believe we could not of done this event any better.

I am now piecing together all the SHORT vids I shot on my phone, (I didn’t want to be that dick guy that holds up my phone during a show, in fact, I think that should STOP!) So here is a sample of The Specials show at The House Of Vans. Enjoy and look for more videos on the way!


A Taste Of Iggy Pop @SxSW

After a couple of long days and over 200 miles of walking, I finally had the time to post up this video I was promising. Alas Iggy Pop.

Here is a thrown together, poorly shot, mostly out of focus iPhone video that I tried to make with 4 Lone star beers helping my balance. But with all that said, it is Iggy and the Stooges, fully and barely alive at the House Of Vans at South by Southwest. Thank you Kurt!

Stay tuned for the Specials and some other really cool finds.