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If You Love Fly Fishing..


Thank all of you that are kind enough to be following JustGlenn, I very much appreciate you kindness.

I want to now to direct you of my Fly Fishing Blog here on WordPress called;

Glenn and The Art of Fly Fishing

This is solely about Fly fishing stories, tips and tricks, videos of techniques as well as the philosophy and Zen like aura of the sport itself. I invite all of you to follow me there and always catch the latest from my fishing travels, my beautiful Roaring Fork Valley and of course, pictures of beautiful fish and mildly attractive people.

Thank you in advance for hitting the link above and following my best and latest Blog.

Best and “tight lines”


The Outsider.

Welcome to my newest adventure, I am very excited to say that I am heading back to the river and become a professional guide again, It is in my blood. The city is nice but nothing like the serenity of a mountain stream.

The focus of “Glenn and the art of fly fishing” will be on just that, stories, people, styles, tricks and river philosophy.


I am so looking forward to this and I hope you enjoy what I will be posting



The Outsider..