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It’s Simple Really.

Today is my¬†anniversary today and I thought I would dedicate todays thoughtful mechanical love letter to all of you that have a understanding person in their life that gets your passion of what moves you. This is a quote of¬†Friedrich Nietzsche. I am not normally known for my sappiness nor my general uncomfortableness of pubic affection, but with that said…

A friend of mine took this picture of her and her soon to be husbands bikes placed perfectly, side by side, overlooking a beautiful mountain range in Colorado.



What I loved about this image is that it wasn’t set up, it wasn’t art directed, it was just how they choose a way to support the bikes. Most of you know that dirt bikes don’t have kick stands and that is what makes this stand out to me.

You can get by just fine and lean your bike against any wall or tree that’s near by, or lay it down anywhere that is convenient for that day. But it is really nice to have the option to lean on another to stand upright as much as the need to lean on you for the same results. It’s pretty good. Short and sweet.

Have a great weekend