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Do You want it to Look Good?

Photo By Glenn Smith


Tweet Fest Saturday


Oh this Twitter, how I love thee. I heart following the “trends”

Glenn Smith Glenn Smith
I have made it my life purpose to forward every#foodphoto to every starving country I can think of just to make a point. #WhyIHateInstagram

Aspiring @Cultleader needs input on growing membership. Please forward @justglenn to your weak minded friends. Thank you, #God

@AP @TigerWoods @TheOnion Tiger not disqualified due to the fact he is Tiger Woods. Lyndsey Vonn even keeps him and knows he cheats.

#AskCher your song “Half Breed”, did you mean that to happen?

#MyMommaAlwaysSays “stop doing that!” and to this day i still don’t know exactly she was referring. #ignorance is bliss. @justglenn

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