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Feeling A Bit Board-Track


Here is an old Wards cruiser frame and wheels that I decided to give a little customization to. If you are familiar with the cool board-track racers from the early ’20s, this is made with that in mind. As a design choice, i kept the color mundane and let the shinny parts shine.

This is it in its rough form, I found a cool set of “chopper forks” that would be perfect;


After a ton of elbow grease and bearing repacking it looks like this now:

IMG_4958 IMG_4956

Just a chain and some detailing, we are roll’n Old School.


Retro BMX Bike Build Update!

It has been a little more than a week since I had the idea of building a budget old school style BMX bike. I am one of those guys that when I start a project (that I care about, damn AAD), I get super ambitious and run with it.

Here is the progress I have made up to today:

A great looking green/gold paint detail.

A great looking green/gold paint detail.

IMG_4030 IMG_4068

This is how she sits today! Just waiting on the tires and cranks to show up and I am in the money. I am keeping the cassette with a chain tensioner. It was a cheaper option then a new wheel with a free wheel.

What do you think?