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A Taste Of Titi Robin

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Crowds have never been my most favorite thing. I am a 6’4″ big guy that really hates to be the guy everyone bumps into. But on the flip-side, being tall does have its benefits. I can always see a show, clothes look good on me, I get noticed (that can be a good and bad thing) and I always have a view and fresh air.

Walking around Austin during SxSw became old, quick. Tons of People, drunk people, everywhere. At one point in my life, that would of been a sales point but not so much anymore. My lovely girl suggested that we head towards ‘Rainey ‘ in another part of Austin that had live music and was away from the shit-show on 6th. We dodged pedi-cabs, drunk teens and ended up a bar called The Bungalow. It first appeared as a douchy martini bar at first sight until we hit the backyard, it had a good stage, tables and chairs and a taco truck which made for perfect conditions for me.

We had know idea who or what was going to play there. We ONLY went in this joint because we signed up for RSVPster service and remembered that we saw this place listed.

On a side note, Be careful about signing up for that kind of service, after 458 VIP RSVP’s to parties we had no guarantee for entrance, it started to become a joke. Now I am on every email list of every vendor that hosted a party. 3o buck not well spent. But it did confuse the doorman enough that we got in. 30 buck well spent.

We really did not care who was playing. On the stage was very little equipment, kind of unusual from what I have seen so far that day. So up comes the Titi Robin Trio.

With my taco in hand and a cold beer, we watched apprehensively. Then these three dudes started play the hell out of everything they put their hands on, I was hooked.

Out of all the music I saw that weekend, these guys were in my top 3! I had no idea that they even existed before I need to seek refuge from the hoards. God bless being easily irritated, I always discover the best things with that condition.

P.S What is up with that box that guy is playing? Freaking awesome.

P.S.S Always remember that all this was shot on my iPhone. poorly and were kept short in respect to the artist.

Love Glenn

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A Taste Of Reverb and The UMS Showcase

IMG_2651South by SouthWest is an exercise in excess to say the least. Unless you have a problem eating Tex-mex and BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as more music than one person could or should digest in one seating.

I can proudly say that I gorged on all of it. I present two different offerings;

First, my leftovers from Guero’s on South Congress which I ate 3 out of the 4 days that we were there:


Secondly, here is another short video sample I made of The Hush Sound and In The Whale from the REVERB Showcase (I wish I could use their bitch’n font) on Sat, March 16th @ The Dirty Dog, Austin.

Check out the Reverb music blog reverb

What is cool about The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is that Denver has become a shining light in promoting new and creative bands with multi-day event in the most hipster part of the big-d is The Baker District on South Broadway. Be sure to hit this link and learn about what it is all about.

Again, just like my previous posts about The Specials and Iggy Pop, this is not a full song of each band. This is a sample of their work and me not being a prick and holding up my phone the entire set. I will once again stress, please don’t be one of those people watching the screen of your phone and not the show right in front of your face. You are there, enjoy the show! Make memory movies not evidence that you where there.




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A Taste Of The Specials


I am back from Austin, my first go at the South By Southwest thang. My god..I am beat, exhausted, tired and a bit ripe!

As a Colorado native I am suppose to not like Texas or Texans, guess what, you guys are A-OK.  This town did not disappoint. It is an overload of great and not so great music and all flavors of beer and people. I will have to say that outside of the diamond district in NY, I have never seen so many beards. I had the good fortune of have a skill and in the know guide at my side, how lucky am I? and I believe we could not of done this event any better.

I am now piecing together all the SHORT vids I shot on my phone, (I didn’t want to be that dick guy that holds up my phone during a show, in fact, I think that should STOP!) So here is a sample of The Specials show at The House Of Vans. Enjoy and look for more videos on the way!


A Taste Of Iggy Pop @SxSW

After a couple of long days and over 200 miles of walking, I finally had the time to post up this video I was promising. Alas Iggy Pop.

Here is a thrown together, poorly shot, mostly out of focus iPhone video that I tried to make with 4 Lone star beers helping my balance. But with all that said, it is Iggy and the Stooges, fully and barely alive at the House Of Vans at South by Southwest. Thank you Kurt!

Stay tuned for the Specials and some other really cool finds.

Yep! The Stooges

I am spoiled and very lucky. We just arrived in Austin Texas for the SxSW weekend and low and behold good things happen.
We have a friend that is a big wig that let us in on his world. What that meant last night was;
A) VIP rooms with private viewing deck
B) Open bar
C) meeting all the bands and
D) Iggy Pop and the Stooges


South by Southwest-So What’s The Big Deal?


I have known about SxSW for over 100 years, and still have not made it to Austin to find out what is all about…until this week. I am going there for a firsthand look at what the hype is all about. I would be lying by saying, I think it is going to be awesome and I would also be lying to say I think it will suck balls. I truly have no idea what to expect.

From what I hear, there is more music to digest than hotdogs that asian guy can slam down in world record time, topped with tech talks and comedy, I don’t know what exactly I am going to focus on. But I have learned something already about “south by”, do not, I repeat do not, sign up for after-market party RSVP services of any sort. So far, I am welcome at about 3100 “private” parties and after parties. I think private is a bit over used with these services, like the expression “extreme” or “ya, I’m friends with the band” bullshit that gets you noooo-where! The first 200 invites I took very seriously but now the exclusive service has become my “rich uncle that died and left me a substantial fortune” emails, Delate-delete-delete!


But I am not letting this sway my opinion. I know that Flight Of The Conchords did a set at “South-by” before they where huge. I can only hope to see something like that or have someone tell me, I am really part of something amazing, you’re lucky to be seeing this.

The other thing I am very excited about, is going to Austin; The best non-Texas city in Texas. I have been told by as many people as I have had Sx party invites, that I will LOVE Austin. “You will fit perfect!” is the common tread that anyone that knows me and knows Austin tells me.

I can’t wait. All I am hoping, is that it is not like when I was single, and friends trying to set me up with their single girlfriend by saying “You guys would be perfect, she’s got a great personality….”. From what I hear about this event and this city, SxSWand Austin better be smoking hot, my parents better love her and Austin rocks my world in every way possible, If you know what i mean!  I hope I’m not asking too much. The way people go on about this place, my expectations are high but even then, I am really looking forward to going on this “tourist blind date” with my suitcase filled with invites.

If you have any recommendations, hit me up with a comment or please follow me @justglenn on twitter for pics and updates.

Love Ya