The Cool Things At The UMS

I just returned from The Underground Music Showcase in Denver, Colorado, and what a treat it was. What seemed to feel like a million band choices in this three day event turned out to be pretty easy to navigate. All the music was great.

While wandering around with just the right amount of beer in us, we walked into a basic storefront of the typical hipster “curiosity” shop selling whatever feels or looks ironic. Much to my surprise, something really cool was taking place; a pop up “make your own record” studio was set up in a little room in the back of the shop. It became the one off, must do thing for the musicians at UMS.

When we were there, a young girl was getting ready to make her vinyl. She sat in a little room, more like a broom closet, with vintage microphones and headphone ready to croon her song with her haunting voice, and she did just that. We were hanging out with the tech guy and the artist friends. It had such a great ‘Oh Brother,Where Art Thou’ feel, I got super excited.

Here are a couple of photos (photos by Glenn Smith) of the guy, the machine and vibe of the day…

I hope you enjoy these photos!





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