Gluten Sensitivity: It’s In Your Head.

As a chef I understand certain dietetic needs, but people look for any reason to blame general, poor eating habits on anything that is trending. The rules in my mind are simple; eat real food, eat in moderation, avoid anything that can be in your mouth in 1 minute that does not come from a plant.

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Are you one of those folks who, even though you don’t have celiac disease, feels much better having shunned gluten from your diet?

Unfortunately the science shows there’s a 100% chance that’s either in your head or something else in your diet, entirely.

I know, you’re going to say that an Australian scientist showed that gluten sensitivity is real. Unfortunately that very same guy just reversed that study with a new study that showed respondents, not knowing whether they were on a gluten free, low gluten or standard diet, reported the exact same symptoms for all three diets… And the best part is that the scientist went all “next level” on the study. If you wish to know just how far he went, check this article out.  In a stroke of genius, the scientist also made each person their own control.

Here’s the important sentence: “In contrast to our…

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