My YELP Review Of The Aspen Institute


Todays YELP review is of the Aspen Institute. It’s not a place that need reviewed, it is a THINK TANK kind of place. So here is my take on what a person who would use yelp might post.

“I arrived is Aspen to be a part of the Aspen Ideas Fest. I enjoyed it very much…but what was most impressive was the remarkable job the celebrity impersonators did. They had people walking all over the campus that looked exactly like Madelyn Albright, that guy from Virgin Records and countless others…Amazing

The number two thing that I enjoyed, was the free Pepsi! There is nothing wrong with that!

The only complaint I have and it’s minor one is, I wish the AI (Aspen Institute to the “locals”) had more upbeat music at night and provide a dance floor. That might be a great way to get the kids interested, only an “Aspen Idea”, Ha.

Looking forward to my next visit to Aspen.

P.S. It would also be nice if you could shave the mountains down a bit, It would make flying into your airport easier and extend the daylight hours.”

Love JustGlenn

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