“…But I Want To Be Grant!”

I wanted to post something quick and thoughtful today, but this is it. I was listing to NPR and the news break came on between whatever show I like to listen to so I can project being “that” much better than my friends. The brief story was about the people who reenact the civil war.

This is my Facebook post on JustGlenn.


“On ‎#NPR today, there was an article about ‎#Civil ‎#War reenactment actors. They where talking about the hierarchy of who plays which general and which battle they get to portray.

The issue the actors are complaining about was “it’s not worth their time to travel across the country if they get killed off the first day”.

All I have to say about this is, I can assure you that the original cast didn’t like dying of the first day either.

Happy 4th and always remember the sacrifices others have made for us to live in this country.


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