What Do You Mean? The Art of Conversation.


We are the first to admit I have multiple personalities. At least that is what I am told by all the other voices in my head. Truth be told, I do try to stretch my wings and try to be as many different people I can be, as well as meet as many different kinds of people I can.

I have had an alter ego, I call The Continental.  He is the guy that singlehandedly will reintroduce the ascot as a publicly acceptable neck accessory.

The Continental, has a Facebook page called Cocktailogic. The mission of Cocktailogic is to look at the culture drinking and the art of cocktail,  not necessarily a resource for cocktail recipes, but from what happens when a person has that drink in hand. All the crazy thing people say, the overheard quotes, the liquid logic that you wish you could remember.

This bring me to the meat; There is an art to starting, having and finishing a good conversation that most people do not always practice.

Today I posted on the Continental’s FB page this short set of “ideas” to help spark real conversations. Here is that brief post:

A short list of The Continental’s conversation starters and why they works:

Q. Is that your style? (key is to have zero inflection, ask if you were asking abut a color)

Why I works: Vague enough that it can be interpreted in many ways. It gives you a place for  that ever important mid-topic compliment, as well as a survey of their sense of humor.

Q. I don’t use Facebook that much, I can’t….(then change subject)

WiW: This can cause curiosity, mystery. Why cant he/she be on Facebook? Is it because they have a job that won’t let them? 

Q: Where would you never live?

WiW: People always love to talk about themselves. They have to think and defend why they would never back. (Advanced move, Defend the place where they say they would never go back to)

Q. There is something about (choose any dictator) that love?

WiW: It’s just a good topic that causes everyone to think.

If you have some interesting and surefire conversation tips, please feel free to contribute.

Best to you
The Continental


This is only a scrimshaw scratch of the surface of what can happen if you start a topic that is truly never expected. That is the key! It is a proven bad idea to start a conversation that is predictable, short sited and shallow.

The second most important thing is eye contact. This topic which I will be addressing later this week.

What are your thoughts on this? What makes for a good conversation to you?

Love Glenn

aka The Continental

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