Twitter Is The Speakers Corner Of The Web


This tweeting thing I really just don’t understand. It’s like yelling BINGO in a bingo parlor when you only have half the board filled out, it’s not true.

@DeepakChopra audiobooks are absolutely and unconditionally the single best sleep aid next to #ambien ever. #Thoughtsinbed

The ubiquity of Twitter-teer is amazing. It kills me. I haven’t cottoned up to the tweet and tweeting culture, but I do see an opportunity. That is, seizing the opportune moment to tweet out to the world…nothing, and gaining some kind of response to it, good or bad.

Twitter is NOTHING new, if you have traveled to London or live there, you are very aware of Speakers Corner in Hyde park in London. I love this place. It has been a place of free speech for hundreds of years. Break out your soapbox and get to it. When I was first introduced to Speakers Corner, I had to be dragged away. I was there for hours and hours. Conversations, arguments, emotion, passion, most without a bigger purpose, meaning that the “cause” may not make it past the parks gate, but I loved it anyway.


I had a very impassioned interchange with a self-proclaimed socialist that was arguing his stance against capitalism, all from the rung of a store bought ladder that he purchased that morning. That’s exactly the ammo you don’t give with me in the crowd. It was fun.

I want to be very clear, I am not against anyone’s specific ideologue, as long as a viable and constructive argument is made, not just noise and screaming (listen up Bill and Rush). Also, I pride myself on being a devil’s advocate, I will always take the other side of a point of view just for that sport of it. Twitter, you are nothing new.

But Twitter has become my new, odd obsession. I am not going to use it or plan on changing  the world, nor try to start a revolution-as of yet. The issue I have is the lack of face to face contact. Seeing your foe, feeling the argument, seeing the response or even better, the look of conceding on you opponents face. Priceless.  It is so easy to make a radical point from your couch, I would love to see, and require that the same person make that same statement in front of a crowd of people that may or may not have the same point of view, Now we’re talk’n!

So here are my worthless tweets to solve nothing. So please join in the Nothing Revolution with me @justglenn on Twitter and tweet up just the most random things and tag me in. I will forward all of them to the rest of the world, of like people who don’t really care about changing the world. Remember one thing, it’s OK not to have earth-changing ideals as long as you have a good argument for why not.

Love, Glenn

#ThoughtsInBed What am I doing with my life? I’m not helping anyone, What is on #youtube? Is that a cat on a treadmill? That’s funny…

#whatnottotellagirl Ya, I work @target they have great benefits, I should be manager in a few years

#confessionnight WHAM! Was really a good band and after all these years, I feel so much better.

#ItsNotComplicated if you’re a #vegetarian, don’t go to a steak restaurant and get upset that there is nothing for you to eat.

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