A Taste Of Reverb and The UMS Showcase

IMG_2651South by SouthWest is an exercise in excess to say the least. Unless you have a problem eating Tex-mex and BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as more music than one person could or should digest in one seating.

I can proudly say that I gorged on all of it. I present two different offerings;

First, my leftovers from Guero’s on South Congress which I ate 3 out of the 4 days that we were there:


Secondly, here is another short video sample I made of The Hush Sound and In The Whale from the REVERB Showcase (I wish I could use their bitch’n font) on Sat, March 16th @ The Dirty Dog, Austin.

Check out the Reverb music blog reverb

What is cool about The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is that Denver has become a shining light in promoting new and creative bands with multi-day event in the most hipster part of the big-d is The Baker District on South Broadway. Be sure to hit this link and learn about what it is all about.

Again, just like my previous posts about The Specials and Iggy Pop, this is not a full song of each band. This is a sample of their work and me not being a prick and holding up my phone the entire set. I will once again stress, please don’t be one of those people watching the screen of your phone and not the show right in front of your face. You are there, enjoy the show! Make memory movies not evidence that you where there.




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