A Taste Of The Specials


I am back from Austin, my first go at the South By Southwest thang. My god..I am beat, exhausted, tired and a bit ripe!

As a Colorado native I am suppose to not like Texas or Texans, guess what, you guys are A-OK.  This town did not disappoint. It is an overload of great and not so great music and all flavors of beer and people. I will have to say that outside of the diamond district in NY, I have never seen so many beards. I had the good fortune of have a skill and in the know guide at my side, how lucky am I? and I believe we could not of done this event any better.

I am now piecing together all the SHORT vids I shot on my phone, (I didn’t want to be that dick guy that holds up my phone during a show, in fact, I think that should STOP!) So here is a sample of The Specials show at The House Of Vans. Enjoy and look for more videos on the way!


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